Tango Pets was started by Heyton Gutierrez and Chris Reid in 2011. Heyton, a native of the Washington DC area and George Mason University graduate, had been a long-time dog walker and pet owner. As his passion for animals blossomed, he started dog training in the Northern Virginia area where he met fellow dog lover, Chris. Together they adopted their foster pup, Frankie. When Chris moved back to his native New York to start medical school, they started Tango Pets together. As the business grew, Heyton quit his day job and Chris left med school to pour their hearts and souls in taking care of the dogs of Brooklyn.

Almost a decade later, Tango Pets has become the premier dog walking company in Brooklyn - giving the highest quality service with amazing prices. Just as the tango involves an intimate relationship between two partners, Tango Pets believes that professional pet care involves a devoted commitment to our clients – both the owners and the pets we service. Our seamless attention to your pet’s specific needs are top rated and unmatched. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and are members of Pet Sitters International. The carefully choreographed care we put into our services produces an unrivaled commitment to your pets.

Tango Pets supports local artists. All artwork designed by Matthew Reid.